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Reading and Writing Romantic Health - a zoom meeting

Here is a link to a recording of the event

15th January 2019: Allan Ingram and Ashleigh Blackwood spoke at Fairfax House, York, on 'Illness and the Ill in the Long Eighteenth Century', with the following talks:
Allan Ingram - 'Small Pox, Large Presence: Meaning, Morality and an Eighteenth-Century Killer'
Ashleigh Blackwood - 'Worms and Snails for all that Ails: Uncovering Medical Knowledge in the Fairfax Family'
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2nd April 2019: Clark Lawlor was a speaker at the University of Trento as part of their series supported by the British Society for Literature and Science, 'Working Across Science and Literature: The Methods, Practices and Challenges of an Interdisciplinary Approach'. His topic was: 'Writing Doctors: Representation and Medical Personality ca. 1660-1832'
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16 July 2019: Two 'Writing Doctors' panels were convened by Clark Lawlor at the annual ISECS conference, which was held this year in Edinburgh. Speakers and their titles were:

'Writing Doctors I'
Allan Ingram, 'Medics in Metre: Bath Buns and Pastoral Poetry'
Michelle Faubert, 'Polidori, Byron, and the Perils of Fictionalizing Patient Case-Histories'
Sophie Vasset, 'Smollett's Medical Writing as Experimental Writing'

'Writing Doctors II'
Noelle Dückmann Gallagher, 'Mock the Rock: Venereologists in Eighteenth-Century Satire'
Ashleigh Blackwood, '"To take up the Pen to write for Public Perusal": Eighteenth-Century Women Reading and Writing Medicine'
Roberta Barker, 'Dying Like a Doctor: Physicians' Self-Case-Histories and the Making of the Romantic Consumptive'

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